The Woman Behind The Brushes


Accounts to makeup artist

Would you believe me if I told you I never even considered makeup as a career when I was younger? That I wanted to be an accountant.. crazy right?!

My path to makeup has been a strange one. If I’m completely honest I fell into the beauty industry; I went from wanting to be an accountant at college, to trying my hand at office work and quickly realising that it wasn’t for me and my chatty nature. Cue 5 years later and I’d completed my training and was a qualified hairdresser & makeup artist. I then started on my journey with MAC cosmetics where I worked for over 3 years, developing as an artist and putting into practice everything I’d learnt by working on a range of skin tones, types and ages.

For the past 5 years I have been specialising in bridal hair and makeup. I love hearing the tiny details of a wedding, forming bonds with brides and sharing such a special time with them.

This year I entered The Wedding Industry Awards, which is basically the BAFTAs for wedding suppliers; only your brides vote and there is an industry led judging panel. I was overjoyed to become a regional finalist which was such a massive achievement for me and I can’t wait to show you all exactly why my clients voted for me.

Wife, foodie and professional netflix-er

Most days you’ll find me in my studio creating beautiful makeup and hair, with the odd day spent tapping away on my laptop with a cuppa and custard cream near by.

I married Mr B in 2014 on our 10 year anniversary & recently the travel bug has got it’s claws into us. We’ve explored some incredible places from taking in the cultures of Sri Lanka to road tripping down the West Coast of America.

Everyone who knows me would tell you the way to my heart is through my belly and if I could have only 1 meal it would have to be pie, mash and gravy accompanied by a G&T.

I love getting lost in a TV series and my all time favourite, which has been rewatched 100 times, is Sex and the City. I’m a definite Miranda, longing to be a stylish Carrie! On the flipside I love anything from thrillers like Luther to documentaries like Lonely Planet, basically anything with a good story!



Fun Facts

The tables at our wedding were named after my favourite crisps

I was a care assistant for the elderly for 7 years

I love spinning, spinning doesn’t always love me!

My music collection basically revolves around 90s R&B or Divas


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